Kids in Venice


Some recommendations:

  • In St. Mark’s Square pic nic is not allowed and by feeding the pigeons you can be fined.
  • Gondola base price is 80 Euros for a standard tour of 30 minutes in day-time (up to 6 people on board), while the “traghetto” service by Gondola (from a side to the other of the Canal Grande) costs 2 Euros per person.
  • Children can play in every “campo” (small square) in Venice: all the Venetian boys and girls use to play with balls, rollers, bycicles, kick scooters and to draw on the ground with colored chalks!
  • Venice, just like home, advices and warnings if you are going to visit and stay in Venice.


Venice Map for Children by Italy for Kids. Price: Euro 7,00. In Italian and English.



If this is absolutely their first time in Venice, take your children to :

·         a GONDOLA tour, even if a simple “traghetto” ride if you think they can be afraid to get on board. The so-called “traghetti” are short rides (a couple of minutes) between one side and the other one on the Canal Grande and they are still used by all the Venetian residents. We suggest you to take the “traghetto”  in San Tomà/Sant’Angelo or the one in Rialto/Ca’ d’Oro. The standard touristic tour by Gondola lasts about 30 minutes and the price is 80 Euros (morning and afternoon, 100 Euros during night-time), while the “traghetto” has a lower price, just 2 Euros per person. An advice: before getting on board for a touristic ride, always ask about the price to the Gondolier.

·         A visit to the CAMPANILE, the bell tower, the so-called Paron de Casa (Owner of the House), in ST. MARK’S SQUARE.

·         A must picture with the LEONCINI, the two lions, in the Piazzetta San Marco, closed to the homonym Church.

·         A relax walk in the GIARDINI REALI, the Royal Gardens, free entrance, our small green lung closet o Saint Mark’s Square. A nice place to take a rest o a refreshment (in summer time) for parents, while children can play with the water of the small fountains (once upon a time there were also red fishes, let’s try to search them 🙂 ). TEMPORARY CLOSED

·         The RIALTO MARKET, our fish and fruit Venetian market.

·         A visit to the DOGE’S PALACE  to discover the History of Venice. Available many activities so appreciated by children.

·         A visit to the PEGGY GUGGENHEIM, better on Sunday in the afternoon during the KIDS DAY, free activities for children 4-10 years old, and parents can enjoy the Museum.

·         A visit to the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM located in San Stae, with its new setting and multimedia activities so appreciated by children. Kids lab are available.

·         A visit to the stunning staircase SCALA DEL BOVOLO, 5 minutes far from St . Mark’s Square.

·         A visit to the  NAVAL MUSEUM with all its reconstructions of ships: the “Bucintoro” is a must for everybody. TEMPORARY CLOSED

·         A visit to the Goldoni Theather or the La Fenice Theather.

·         Painting a mask – handcrafts workshop.

·         If you are looking for some relax or beach time, we suggest you the VENICE LIDO BEACH, just 15 minutes far from Piazza San Marco. The island is worldwide well known for the International Film Festival taking place every year in September. Not everybody knows that … Venice has got its own Beach !! And also in Winter time this beach shows its fascinating side ! Children and kids love playing in the beach, with sand and water, so mum and dad can enjoy some relax time under the sun.


EVENTS’ CALENDAR (service not available at the moment)

Looking for what do to in Venice when you are here? Check out the day-by-day events’ calendar, the only one in Town with a 24/24 and 7/7 updating !! All the Family Friendly events are on VeneziadeiBambini !



Treasure hunts, private visits, walking tours and much more.

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in English:

Venice Map for Children

Venice for Kids (also available in French language “Les enfants à la découverte de Venise“)

Vivavenice. A guide to exploring, learning and having fun (also available in German language “Vivavenedig. Ein Reiseführer für goße und kleine Kinder” and Spanish “Vivavenecia. Una guìa para explorar, aprender y divertirse“)

Venice: the basics (also available in French language “Voilà Venise“, in Spanish “Venecia tal cual” and German “So ist Venedig!“, in Chinese and Russian )

Venice: A Three-Dimensional Expanding City Guide

First Sticker Book Venice

This Is Venice

Venice a 3D keepsake Cityscape

The treasures of Venice. Pop-up book.


in Italian:


More books about Venice, in English:

Tobia the gondolier

Milo the squerariol

The Merchant of Venice: A Shakespeare Children’s Story

Olivia Goes to Venice by Ian Falconer

Geronimo Stilton #48: The Mystery in Venice

Thea Stilton and the Venice Masquerade: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure (Thea Stilton #26)


More books about Venice, in Italian



Here below you find a list of the playground areas with swings and slides:

·         Papadopoli Garden, closed to Piazzale Roma.

·         Giardini, just in front of the ACTV pier, line 5.1 and 5.2

·         Sant’Elena, closed to the ACTV pier.

·         Savorgnan Park, closed to Guglie’s Bridge.

·         Villa Groggia’s Park in Sant’Alvise (in the complex you find also the Playroom “La Cicala e la Formica”).

·         In the garden of Ca’ Rezzonico there is a small playground: should be nice for a rest if you are nearby.



  1. Beach
  • free beach: Blue Moon, San Nicoletto, Alberoni, Murazzi, Pellestrina
  • beach with cabanas and sun lounges: Venezia Spiagge, Consorzio, Des Bains, Excelsior, Miramare, Sorriso, Alberoni, Pachuka and Paradise Beach, San Nicoletto
  1. Bike tour to the San Nicolò’s lighthouse or to the Malamocco Village/Alberoni (by Murazzi, the Sea street, and/or by the Lagoon street)
  2. Surrey bikes tour
  3. Horseback riding
  4. Planetarium
  5. Playgrounds
  • Askenasi playground (aca “ex Luna Park”)
  • “Quattro Fontane” playground (close to the Tuesday’s market area)
  • “Terre Perse” playground
  1. Summer camps for children (available also for half a day/one day) 
  2. Boat tour (sailing or canoying)
  3. Natural WWF Oasis at the Alberoni
  4. Natural protected area in Ca’ Roman (LIPU oasis) in Pellestrina Island




  • Paradise Beach, pizzeria, restaurant, playground, canoe rental, sun lounges rental, beach
  • Pachuka Beach, pizzeria, restaurant, playground, sun lounges rental, beach (dog beach)
  • Bagni Alberoni, pizzeria, restaurant, playground, sun lounges rental, beach
  • Parco delle Rose, in the main boulevard aca “Gran Viale”
  • El Cason, restaurant and pizzeria
  • Controcorrente, restaurant and pizzeria, with kids corner


Last update: May 30, 2020.